Darik Radio is Bulgaria’s first and only commercial radio station with nationwide coverage.

Darik went on the air precisely at 12p.m. January 21, 1993. Its news-based format broke new ground on a scene dominated by music-centred commercial stations.

Darik Radio won a nationwide broadcasting licence in October 2000 after a tight contest with other bidders. The station thus became the country’s first and only commercial national radio channel. The company spent over 10 million US dollars to build its transmission facilities.

A recent project of the station, the website www.dariknews.com , has been working successfully since its launch in 2005.

Darik Radio has won many awards for quality journalism. These include a Silver Prize of the 2000 Albena Media Festival, two silver awards in 2001 and four nominations for the 2005 Chernorizets Hrabur Awards.

The Albena International Media Festival awarded its Grand Prix to Darik in 2006. The station reaped a total of nine awards at this prestigious competition: six top prizes and two special honours plus a top prize for Dariknews.com.

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